Weed Harvesters / Trash Skimmers and Weed Cutting Boats AQUARIUS


Amphibious Vehicle

AQUARIUS Amphimaster


Sludge Processing Plant



Water is a necessity. AQUARIUS boats help to clean mechanically ponds, lakes and rivers and make a valuable contribution to maintain the waterways in a good condition and thus protect the environment.


The boats are being used to execute the following tasks:


  • Cutting, collecting, stocking and discharging of water-plants and reeds
  • Collecting, stocking and discharging of any kind of floating debris, trash and oil absorbants.



The amphibious vehicle is used in swampy areas where access for conventional machines is difficult. The track design allows the machine to float and manoeuvre both on land and in the water.


The tracks have got a very low ground pressure allowing it to cross a "fairway" on a golf course or be driven in sensitive areas such as natural reserves, without causing damage.


The machine is designed with a joystick control system that is easily operated by 1 person.



The AQUARIUS MudMaster is the world's first mobile, autonomous sludge processing plant for all kind of waterways such as lakes, ponds, rivers, canals, harbours etc. to dredge, screen, separate and dewater the sediment.


This installation can be adapted to individual requirements with respect to the dredging, separating and dewatering technologies.



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